Iowa’s manufacturing and agriculture industries are important to the American economy. David knows Iowa has what it takes to help make America’s economy stronger than ever. To be successful as a nation, to give job creators and families certainty for our future, we need to enact and promote common sense federal policies just like we have in Iowa.

We need financial security as a nation and as individuals. Our country’s economic policies should encourage investment in America to spur innovation and job creation. These policies should also encourage saving for the future and for uncertain times. We do this at the state level in Iowa through our “Rainy Day” fund and we do the same thing as inviduals. Iowans have the lowest credit card debt per capita of any state in the country. We need some more Iowa style fiscal responsibility in Washington because that is the best way to get our economy rolling.

The current U.S. tax code is 74,000 pages. David will fight for tax reform as a way to spur job creation. Our current tax system devastates the family budget and goes straight to the bottom line of businesses that are trying to create jobs and hire more hardworking Americans. The tax code should be fairer, flatter and simpler.