Obamacare raided $700 billion from Medicare. No reform to our healthcare system should be paid for on the backs of America’s seniors. David will be sure we keep our promises to seniors. We need to protect and preserve Medicare because it provides needed security to older Americans. One of the ways we can work to protect and preserve the integrity of Medicare is by taking an aggressive approach to combating fraud and abuse within the program.

Here are a few solutions David is offering to reduce fraud in Medicare and protect benefits for Iowa Seniors:

• Prevent Identity-Theft by removing social security numbers from Medicare cards.
• Improve Oversight and Detection of improper billing and fraudulent claims.
• Encourage Better Use of Technology to reduce errors in billing and eliminate unnecessary paperwork.
• Strive to Reduce Overtesting and the incentive to perform duplicate tests.
• Invest In Fraud Prevention because, on average, $1 dollar invested in oversight returns $10 to the taxpayer.