Improving Health Care & Lowering Costs

Trying to fix our healthcare system by a one-size-fits-all bureaucratic approach does not work. All Americans deserve the benefits of lower healthcare prices and better access to providers. Sadly, that is not what we have received from Obamacare. We need to enact market-based solutions that work for all Iowans and all Americans. These solutions should focus on you, the patient, not the government.

David believes Obamacare should be dismantled and replaced by solutions such as allowing individuals to purchase insurance across state lines, price transparency, and reducing hospital readmissions by improving follow-up care. These are a few commonsense ideas of market-based solutions which can bring down the cost of health insurance and of medical services. We must ensure coverage is provided to individuals even if they have preexisting conditions and that young people still struggling in the job market are able to continue to receive coverage under a parent’s plan.