David fought for and delivered tax relief for hardworking Iowans resulting in an average tax cut of nearly $3,000 for Iowans in the Third District – for Iowa families this means paying for their child’s education, their mortgage, car payment, or just saving for a rainy day. Across Iowa, families are keeping more of their hard-earned money and businesses are investing in our communities.

On top of the average tax cut of nearly $3,000 for Iowa families, the tax bill increases the child tax credit.

Businesses in the Third District, like SHAZAM, are giving bonuses to employees and creating new, high-paying jobs. MidAmerican Energy announced lower energy rates for all customers because of the tax law, and the State of Iowa saw a budget surplus of $127 million credited to the federal tax law.

Consumer confidence and small business optimism are both at all-time highs as more people return to look for jobs and unemployment is at a historic low, Iowa families have more money to do with as they please.

For too long, Washington politicians have been talking about tax cuts for all Americans but David delivered on this commitment. David will continue to build on the success of the tax cut law, advance policies improving our economy and building a strong workforce, and protect Iowa families’ budgets.

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