Renewable energy is an important part of Iowa’s economy and David continues to serve as a champion for Iowa renewable energy. David’s been working to deliver on expanding E15 sales year-round. He also introduced legislation to make the EPA’s “hardship” waivers for the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) more transparent because he believes sunshine is the best disinfectant.

David has been recognized by the American Wind Energy Association as a U.S. Wind Champion for his work in extending the Wind Energy Production Tax Credit which is helping nearly 8,000 Iowans whose jobs rely on wind energy.

David also led 42 of his colleagues in the House to restore the biodiesel tax credit and worked as Iowa’s only member on the Appropriations Committee to remove a harmful provision in a government spending bill that would have prohibited USDA from developing renewable fuels for the Department of Defense.

Supporting renewable energy means supporting Iowa, and David has delivered on solutions advancing Iowa’s renewable energies.

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