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David Young is a sixth generation Iowan. His family homesteaded in Pocahontas County in 1881. Emigrating from Germany, they were drawn to America by the promise of freedom, liberty, and by the endless opportunity available to anyone who works hard. Grandson of a tenant farmer and a preacher who built a church in Laurel, David learned about Iowa values and to have a strong Iowa work ethic from a young age.

Growing up in Van Meter, David played little league baseball and was a paperboy in town. Eventually, his family moved to Johnston and David worked summers at the Iowa State Fair.

Upon graduating from high school, David attended his father’s and grandmother’s alma mater, Buena Vista College, and then went on to graduate from Drake University. Most recently, David served the people of Iowa in his role as Chief of Staff to Senator Chuck Grassley.

As a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, David works hard for the people of Iowa’s Third Congressional District. David’s conservative principles are built upon the same foundation on which he was raised: hard work, honesty, family, and faith. It’s those principles that drive David every day.


As Chief of Staff for Senator Grassley, David worked day in and day out on behalf of Iowans. He listened to their concerns, developed solutions, and navigated the federal bureaucracy to get results.

Like his friend and mentor, Chuck Grassley, David believes in a government that works for people. Public service is about helping your fellow man.

One summer morning in 2012 when David’s phone rang, he answered and on the other end was a man from Northwest Iowa who is the owner operator of a local radio station. The station employs 15 people and provides programming to a large geographic area. The station owner was frustrated. For two years the Federal Communications Commission had been giving him the run around. The delays and red tape were threatening the renewal of his broadcast license. After hanging up the phone David took action. He contacted the FCC and the White House and sent emails demanding answers and solutions. Two days later, the station received their renewed license.

Dealing with government shouldn’t be that hard. Government exists to serve the people, not the other way around.

Throughout David’s career in the Senate, he heard Iowans’ concerns about burdensome regulations, the skyrocketing national debt, long-term unemployment, and the mounting government scandals. It was these concerns, coupled with his desire to use his years of experience fighting for the people of Iowa in Senator Grassley’s office, which compelled David to run for Congress.

The challenges facing America are big, but we’ve overcome great challenges before. America is comprised of the brightest, hardest working, and most optimistic people on earth. There is no challenge we cannot overcome!

David, like most Iowans, is driven to fix problems. David knows how Washington works, and he knows where Washington is failing to work. David has a track record of getting results for Iowans and he’s ready to continue his service.


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