Get Involved

There are many ways to volunteer,

from walking door to door, to hosting events, making calls,
or walking in parades.  Here are ways you can help:


Do you want to invite David to an event happening in your community?

David’s campaign has been based on the grassroots from day one.

Representative government is a two-way street.  You are one half of the process.  Candidates and elected officials are the other half.

David knows he can only represent you well if he listens.  He looks forward to listening to you and your friends and neighbors sharing your thoughts and solutions to tackle the biggest problems facing America today.


There are so many ways to participate and make a difference.

Throughout the summer and fall David will be walking in parades, knocking on doors, handing out literature, putting out signs, and making phone calls.

Do you have some time you’d like to volunteer and join David on the campaign trail?

Click the button below to email us with the ways you are interested in getting involved with the campaign.


This campaign is supported by the generous contributions of those who share David’s optimistic outlook for the future of America.

Tough is tough, but tough is not impossible.  With a combination of our strong midwest work ethic, our Iowa common sense, and your generosity we can get America back on track.

Thank you for helping David ensure the promise of the American dream is alive and well for many future generations.